The Bourbon Dynasty

Read any good porn lately? Bourbon porn, I am of course talking about.

Back in my Royale days, one of my regulars was a fortysomething former Marine and East Coast transplant named David who, best we could deduce, bought a shack of a house around the corner from the bar specifically for commuting-to-and-from-alcohol purposes. I don't think any of us ever knew exactly what he did for a living either, and the behind-the-bar debate on his sexuality was endless, but he was always friendly and a huge tipper, so yay David!

Anyway, David's brother-in-law wrote a book, said David, and David kept promising to bring me a copy. Like many other aspects of David's existence, I was suspect of this oft-repeated promise, the way you never believe any teenager who claims to have a significant other from summer camp/in Canada. But produce the book he eventually did.

It's a nice, hefty hardcover called Bourbon At Its Best, and sometimes I paw through it, well, lustfully. But not, like, while hiding out in the bathroom or anything too lecherous like that. Not, like, Dov Charney levels of licentiousness.

Anyway, here's a good, easy cocktail recipe from the book, which was actually borrowed from cocktailer extraordinaire David Wondrich. Now, if you wanna talk about serious cocktail-nerd hard-ons, fer rills, if there was a foldout poster of Wondrich in, say, the latest issue of Imbibe, it would already taped to my bedroom wall. Or the inside of my liquor locker.

OK, enough dirty talk. Get to sippin'!

The Bourbon Dynasty

(Borrowed from Bourbon At Its Best; author Ron Givens, in turn, got it from cocktail writer and consultant David Wondrich)

2 ounces Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon

1 ounce Lillet

1 teaspoon creme de cassis

2 dashes Peychaud's Bitters

Lemon twist, for garnish

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled mixing glass. Stir with great vigor and strain into your preferred cocktail glass.

Tasting Notes:

So the only thing I changed up here was, I eschewed the suggested Maker's Mark for Eagle Rare. Absolutely no offense intended towards Maker's Mark, which I will tirelessly defend as underappreciated. It was just that we were out of it. Why we then level-jumped all the way to Eagle Rare -- a 10-year! we're living like kings! -- I honestly can't remember. I have full faith in Wondrich and am sure Maker's would work just dandily.

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