The World's Greatest Shandygaff

Folks, I couldn't care less that it's St. Patrick's Day -- and as you're all high-functioning alcoholics experienced drinkers like me, I know you feel the same way. It's amateur night out there, and we're all contentedly holed up in our respective abodes, our home bars pressed into service.

'Tis nothing wrong, of course, with tipping a glass towards the Irish in mature fashion. And as we're cocktailers first and foremost, the glass to tip is a Pilsner, in which you've crafted the World's Greatest Shandygaff.

For the longest time, I thought a Shandygaff (nickname: Shandy) was just beer and lemonade, or beer and Sprite, or beer and fizzy lemonade. But once I started doing my research, a whole world of Shandy possibilities opened up to me, so much so that I feel quite good about sharing this relatively intricate recipe under the auspices of a cocktail blog.

One caveat drinktor: If you fix yourself a Shandygaff, what you'll have in common with the green-puke spewers clogging the sidewalks tonight is that you won't notice how drunk you can get off a Shandygaff (or three) until it's too late. This Shandygaff is eminently quaffable, which is code for goes down way too easy. Erin Go *Burp*!

The World's Greatest Shandygaff

6 ounces Samuel Adams Noble Pils

6 ounces Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost

1 tablespoon Grand Marnier

1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 dash Angostura Bitters

Begin with about 3 or 4 generically-sized ice cubes in a Pilsner glass. Pour into the glass, in sequential order, the Grand Marnier, the lemon juice, the beer and the ginger ale. Top with a dash of bitters. Give a quick stir if you like.

Tasting Notes:

I wouldn't say that the Noble Pils was my first choice of beer; it was just the best of what my neighborhood bodegas had to offer. Having said that, its medium body and especially its hoppiness (for a Pils) served me well. Having now said that, I must add that I'm dying to try making this drink with a black lager.

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