You Call It! #1

Ah, Fridays at five. If ever a quittin’ time cried out for a cocktail of its very own, you are said time. Regrettably, once another endless week wends its way to you, rarely am I of sober-enough mind to do you justice.

Yours should be the crowning achievement of my five days’ labor -- I, Charlotte! My magnum opus, thee! Alas, by the time your sweet siren of surrender sounds... yeah, see, I haven’t even got enough of the witty wordplay left in me to finish my lede, let alone actually, like, name you.

So here’s how we'll roll on Fridays. I’ll offer up one of my cocktail creations as per yoozh, but as far as what to call it -- as Otis once sang, I’m depending on you, dear blog followers. (Some of you aren’t my relatives, right?) In other words, I’d like you to name that drink. Title that tipple! Christen that cocktail! Whatever the opposite of Alcohols Anonymous would be! (Again, bad wordplay.)

Our inaugural intoxicant is a recipe I jotted down at least a couple years ago; I’m guessing it dates back to my days working at The Royale. I’ve always thought of it as tasting like the color brown, in a good way. I recently came up with the ground ginger part, which adds some nice dimension and, coupled with the apple, lets you believe at least a teeny bit that you’re doing something healthful for yourself. Perhaps this goes without saying, but it’s best to save the apple for the end so that a) it soaks up the potion's flavor, and b) you don’t look like a no-manners nincompoop picking your garnish straight out of your drink.

Please take a read and leave behind (in the comments below) your ideas for what to call it. Until this blog starts raking in five two figures, your reward will simply be your name in lights HTML -- and, natch, my undying admiration.

You Call It #1

2 ounces Bulleit

1 ounce Licor 43

½ ounce Patron XO Cafe

Round apple slice and ground ginger, to garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour in all liquid ingredients. Cap, shake vigorously and pour into a cocktail glass. Garnish by cutting a round apple slice, sprinkling liberally with ground ginger and dropping into drink.

(P.S. My first go at making this for the photo shoot, my shaker exploded. Fridays are definitely rough around here.)

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