The Orange Restorative

A long time back, I bought some Bacardi Gold while attempting to fashion a dark-rum cocktail, a purchase I immediately regretted because, my goodness, is Bacardi Gold god-awful.

Then not so long ago, I made some orange-infused gin, just because, and decided that while I was at it, I may as well see if I could render the Bacardi Gold palatable by likewise infusing a near-fifth of it with the rind of one rather large-ish orange.

The rum had to be infused far longer than the gin, about a full month, but miraculously, what we got out of it was a pleasant, not-harsh sipper with a citrusy bouquet. We spent the weekend playing with it, trying to gussy it up with things like bitters and Campari, but so far we haven't found a cocktail recipe we like as much as drinking it straight.

There is another reason why I've chosen to call it the Orange Restorative, besides the fact that orange peels restored my shitty Bacardi. The Syracuse Orangemen were upset in the second round of the tournament last night, and my husband, who went to Syracuse, needed some booze to placate his nerves.

The Orange Restorative

2 ounces orange-infused Bacardi Gold

1 big-ass ice cube

Combine in highball glass. Tell yourself there's always next year.

Tasting Notes:

We took what was almost an entire fifth of Bacardi Gold, poured it into a Mason Jar, plopped in the peel from one orange that was larger than my mannish-hand fish, and put the jar in the back of a dark closet. My general rule of thumb for when you know an infusion is done -- when what you smell isn't alcohol but the scent of the infusing agent -- held true here; it took us about a month to achieve that. Make sure you remove the orange rinds once you have done the same. Store as you would any other liquor.

A lot of folks have asked us how we make our big-ass ice cubes. I went to The Container Store about 18 months ago and bought a notions organizer made of hard, clear plastic, which is what the folks at Rye, this great little bar/restaurant in Brooklyn, told me was how they made their big-ass ice cubes. However, now that the big-ass ice-cube craze has caught on, I would recommend getting Tovolo king cube molds, which are made out of bendable silicone. You don't want to know what we have to go through to coax big-ass ice cubes out of a rigid plastic mold. It's enough to make you need an Orange Restorative.

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